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Professional Gambler Bill Benter

Gambling is a pleasure activity for all the gamblers; the pleasure can be guilty or proud. Gambling is not limited to casinos only; it exists in almost every kind of industry.

The most common gambling industry is the sports industry. Gamblers live their lives on gambling. Many people earn a lot through this activity. But there is no such guarantee that you will always win. Sometimes you win with flying colors, and another day you may lose badly.

Some gamblers got fame due to their continuous winning streaks and massive earnings through this world of gambling. When we talk about gambling, Bill Benter is the name you cannot ignore.


Bill Benter is the wealthiest gambler of the world.

William Bill Benter was born in Pittsburgh where he spent his childhood there.

A gifted mathematician, his parents started noticing his talents since the early years of his development. The son of his proud parents, Benter works his magic with numbers in a way we have never seen before. After graduating with a physics degree, Benter starts playing blackjack and poker games in Las Vegas. Time after time had proven him to be the God of Counting Cards.


Bill Benter used his mathematical powers on the casino tables.

Professor Edward Torph’s critically acclaimed book “Beat the Dealer” inspired Bill Benter in his early days.

It helped Benter in getting better, and he came up with improvised tricks and techniques. Later, he developed the most successful computer software regarding horse racing that resulted in capturing the whole market of Hong Kong. He reportedly earned $10 billion a year alone.

After gambling a lot in casinos, he became a familiar face in the world of casinos and stopped himself playing casino games. He started betting on horse racing. He hired a professional team who placed the bets with perfection and lead him towards the peak of his success.

Bill Benter is a great philanthropist, who supports the United States and Hong Kong with a sincere, and depth of his heart. He donates a lot, organizes huge charitable events to help the poor and engage in welfare activities.



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