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Professional Gambler Billy Walters

Some of the countries have legalized sports betting. Football is the most popular game in the world, and it’s on top spot in sports betting. Successful bettors don’t starve for the limelight. However, Billy Walters is a quite famous and wealthy name in this sports betting industry. He certainly was a renowned sports bettor, who achieved a lot of success through sports betting.


Billy Walters Is a Very Significant Name In The History of Sports Betting

He was born on July 15, 1946. He was involved in gambling from his childhood. Billy Walters placed his first bet when was nine years old against Brooklyn Dodgers and supported New York Yankees in World Series back in 1955.

However, he lost the bet. But then he learned and got more involved in the betting world and from his winning streaks had started that streak last for thirty years. Yes, can you believe that it lasted for thirty consecutive years?

Billy Walters faced a significant loss of 2 million dollars at the roulette table in his late 30s. This year changed his success rate. Later, he resumed his passion for sports betting. Walters got serious and invests in a computer analyzing team that analyzes the outcomes of the games that helped him in learning strategies.

He placed his bets on different sports like NFL, basketball, and football and earned an enormous amount of profit from these bets, amounting to a worth of around 4 million dollars.

He formed his federation of betting in 1980. His betting exercise revealed in a book named “The Smart Money” by Michael Konik. The book was proven to help all those who want to go big in the world of sports betting.

In April 2017 he got charged for providing private information of a company name Deans Food. He was sentenced five years in prison and a huge amount of fine that was around 10 million dollars.



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