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Manage Your Sports Betting Bankroll

To attain long-term success as a sports bettor, you need to manage your betting bankroll (finances) just as selecting a particular winner of a soccer game.

The most common mistake made by amateur bettors is that they can be reckless when it comes to managing their betting bankroll. If they love the game of soccer, they will put money in it. If they are not interested, they will surely be selective in their approach.

In turn, when they are winning a considerable sum of money, they might want to make extravagant bets to double their prize money due to over-confidence. In case if they lose it all, they might want to try to win it back all at one go. This approach or strategy leads to a more dangerous route to see you achieve financial bankruptcy.


Go for Flat-Betting Technique

Instead, one must learn and adopt a flat-betting technique to avoid betting bankroll bankruptcy. Flat-Betting means betting the same amount of money on every game to ensure minimum risk, regardless of how confident are you about a particular soccer contest. A suitable medium is 3% per day.

For example, if you want to start with $100, you should then risk only $3 on every bet you place on every soccer game. Otherwise, if you’re going to bet $1000, you will be risking $30 on every bet you put on a particular soccer match.

A sports bettor needs to maintain discipline and achieve consistency with the bets they place in every game. It eventually will help stay afloat in the Topsy-turvy scenarios prevalent in sports betting. When you experience a losing streak, it will help avoid bankruptcy. But when you are winning, it will surely give you a return on investment.

Flat Betting is undoubtedly the way to go for a sports bettor who wants to achieve success on a long term basis. It certainly involves you to place bets on a particular soccer game individually. Parlays are lucrative slots in sports betting and incredibly luring, but a dangerous proposition for sports bettors.

Flat Betting might not provide the kind of one-time cash prize that one is expecting, but helps a sports bettor stay afloat in the sports betting marketplace.



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